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Monday, January 24, 2011

Flood update Monday

Mom went to Sao Jose again today to take more ration to more of the dog victims.  She stopped on the way to photograph the house where the dramatic rescue took place with the poor dog that fell in the water.
This is a street view.
This is the view from the other side of the river. Total destruction. This building is also now condemned because the water ate the foundations. All of us here are hoping against all odds that the little dog survived still.
After that Mom went to see dogs with Dr Renata from sao Jose. She has around forty something at the moment. She told mom about the background of some, but of course, she was very busy. Here is a shot of the big space she managed to get for them.
 And here is the food the nice humans donated fo us.

These are all kittens. I personally want to bite every cat I see, but I know some of you humans like them.

This dog was not a flood victim. A man lost his house and asked a friend of ours two get his two dogs and take them to the shelter. He then a few days later told Dr Renata that his brother would look after the two dogs until he could resolve his terrible situation. When Dr Renata got to the guy's brother's home she noticed that one of the two dogs here was in deep trouble and insisted on returning to the shelter with the original two flood victims and one victim of human neglect. This happens a lot to us here. This dog had been tied to a tree for God knows how long. The man said the maggots only started two days ago, but people who deal with this like Dr Renata and Mom know this is not the case.

Thispoor baby is having treatment by volunteer vets for the same reason--maggots. Mom treated Bonnie like this removing them one by one.

This little darling has been adopted by one of the volunteers, so her future looks good. Mom sais she was adorable and even rolled over for a belly rub. 
This poor old fellow seems to be a victim of human indifference rather than floods. He had maggots in his leg and this turned to necrosis causing his leg to drop off. He is an old dog and nobody will really want him. One persoin has said that if nobody wants him then they will take him. Hardly a desire to help him there. He needs someone to love and care for him. He was actually playing with another crippled dog.

This type of problem does not appear in just ten days. He has been limping around the streets for a long time and ignored by all. The floods have been his salvation because now he has professional treatment and may get a better offer of a home.

This little cutie has been adopted by one of the volunteers at the shelter. She will be happy. Mom and Dad met the voluteer and know this dog will be well looked after.

This poor baby was cowering in the corner frightened of everything. I don't think humans will be very atrracted to her. Dad tried to comfort her, but she was very distressed.

This was a day tinged by happiness and deep sadness. A mixture of emotions. Hhappy they had been rescued and sadness that many were victims of humans rather than floods. I am very tired now and need to retreat to my sofa for a dog nap. Back soon. 


Chandra said...

A mix of emotions, indeed, Emmy. But on thing seems certain - Dr. Renata sounds like a wonderful vet and a wonderful human being. Thank you for sharing the trip to Sao Jose with us and thanks to Mom and Dad for donating food - we will keep all of those dogs in our thoughts.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Anonymous said...

No doubt an emotionally draining day. Enjoy that sofa. Recharge your batteries for another day.
Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Lavi said...

It's sad that there are so many mistreated or neglected dogs. It is good news that they got help, but it shouldn't have taken a flood for that to happen...

Jan's Funny Farm said...
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janeiro said...
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janeiro said...
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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Is there any filmmakers documenting what is going on there? While tragic, I also think it is fascinating, and a lesson for those who think they live troubled lives