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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well Mom is at home today and she is helping me with my work. First of all  I want to tell you mom has been doing all kinds of stuff with Kinship Circle. They have been in Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis and Sao Jose. They have seen some terrible stuff.. Teresopolis is the worst. We were so lucky here. There are still many flood victim dogs out there awaiting rescue. Kinship Circle is going to try to get some of them today. Every day more turn up and in terrible states because now maggots are infesting their wounds. We saw Bonnie with maggots, but this is worse. They have seen a dog whose tail dropped off, another whose leg dropped off, and this poor baby whose face was eaten away eye and all.

  I think I will have nightmares from now on! mom said that this poor dog actually wagged his tail while the humans were treating him. My God! A doctor from Rio de Janeiro has adopted him. He is one of the lucky ones. Also whilst checking out Nova Friburgo with Kinship Circle the team saw this. This was someone's home. This family were luckier than Nicki's because they got out alive, but their two pet dogs tied up on chains were not so lucky. They are buried under this rubble.

Most of the world has now forgotten the Brazilian floods except for all of us creatures and humans who live within the disaster zone. The misery and pain continues. I think of all the other dogs and animals out there just like me. We just want a quiet life with a good human mom or dad. This really was not fair! Well onto something happier.

This is Nicki. She has cheeed up a lot since the first days. She still remembers and misses her human family from Teresopolis. They used to rub her tummy like this too! She loves it! She has started to talk to us now. She was a mom once or twice herself. It must have been real hard work with that bad leg. She told us about her accident and the pain her bad leg gave her. We think she will be okay now that she is getting used to her routine and the humans here.

She looks beautiful relaxing here. Mom and Dad are still trying to work out a way to survive in Brazil and make money after three failed business ventures. It is difficult. They are very worried about our little slice of Heaven here. They have to find a way for all of us to stay together. Dad had to close the bakery after the disaster. There was no electrcity for days and no way to travel there for over a week. It made a loss every week and they decided to close it and try something else. When they had paid up all the outstanding bills there was very little left. They don't know what they will do!


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Great to see Nikki doing so well. We'll say a prayer that Bonnie get there some day too

georgia little pea said...

Dear Emmy,

Those poor dogs! Here I was complaining about maggots in my house. They're so much worse when they're on dogs and eating their tails and faces :( it's incredible that that dog with the eaten face could wag its tail. I'm so happy it's found a home.

As for Nicky. She looks GREAT! You're doing a good job of settling her in.

I hope your mae e pai will find something good soon. Isn't the electricity back yet? Surely people must still need bread?

I don't think anyone has forgotten what's happened in Brasil. But as you know, many terrible things have happened in a lot of places lately and are continuing to happen even as I write. It can be overwhelming. People will always look at and take care of what's in their backyard first. This is normal, I think, Emmy. So maybe that's why you feel forgotten.

The important thing is to know that YOU are doing good and essential work. I am a big believer in KARMA. I don't know if you are. Until Karma comes to visit your home, I wish you love and peace. Abracos e beijos xox

georgia little pea said...

it's me again, emmy!

i have just passed an award on to you. it's a stylish award :) CONGRATULATIONS!

it's going to give your mum more work to do, if she accepts it though.

you'll have to read my latest post for the details.

have a great weekend xox

Chandra said...

Emmy, the photo of that sweet dog's injury took my breath away. I'm so thankful that she was adopted by a doctor, medical attention and a forever family is what she and so many others need. Be sure to thank Mom every day for the work she is doing to help the survivors. I know that every one she touches is better for it - just look at how Nicky has thrived in your family's loving care. Thanks for sharing those happy photos of her, she's a beautiful girl!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years