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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dr Bruno's weekend so far

Our own private Angel who donated the funds to pay for Dr Bruno is now part of our everyday lives. She is a very interesting and intelligent person, who is greatly enjoying seeing his work. Dr Bruno filled a long gap without full time veterinarian help. Estimacao vet Jaqueline has helped a lot, but has many other responsibilities in Rio and can only work two days a week.. Kinship circle and mom and dad just coud not find another vet and the dogs could not wait. They were dying. So Thank God for our anonymous Angel. Let's take a look at Friday and Saturday for Dr Bruno. Mom said post some photos first.

Dr Bruno is a life saver.Bebete was doing her best but without a full time vet it was very difficult. 
Even the local animal loving kids are helping.

These Franciscan nuns are adopting 15 dogs. Every nun has her own dog and the dog accompanies her when she works. Mom visited Assisi  many years ago. They are also having an adoption fair with nine puppies and twelve adults. More dogs are still arriving look at this poodle's bad hair cut.

 This very thin Poodle came in all matted up. He could not lift his leg up to pee, so everybody thought he was a she. Boy did everybody get a surprise. Mom said you could not even tell if he had a tail or not. His ears were enormous with huge hair balls.

Here he is all clean and happy. He is going to the adoption fair because although he is very thin he is healthy.
This poor little baby nearly died. Dr Bruno revived him. The blanket is a thermal one to keep his body temperature up.

 After the puppy revived Dr Bruno had to find a vein to start a drip for him. This is difficult with such a small animal.
This kid from a poor family is so good with the dogs that Bebete president of the NGO Estimacao has offered to pay for veterinarian college for him.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Thank God for your Angel and Dr Bruno.

georgia little pea said...

Fantastic to hear about the local children helping out :) wouldn't it be lovely if that boy in the last picture really does become a vet? I shall keep my fingers crossed. It'd be something good that comes out of the tragic floods.

Lavi said...

After all the problems with the floods, it's nice to know people are working hard to take care of the dogs too. I hope they're all going to be alright and in good homes soon.

It would be nice if the kid went to school to become a good vet.

chandra said...

Really wonderful to see everyone working together, Emmy! Thanks for posting the photos and keeping us updated. Very very cool to think that a young person may have found his calling during this experience. Endless thanks to the angel donor who has allowed Dr. Bruno to help so many animal survivors.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years