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Friday, February 25, 2011


Mom is here today with me. Gracie went to the vet this week and had test because she isn't too well. She has an upset tummy and mom says she is lethargic. I don't know what this means I am just repeating her words. Her blood results point to a liver problem, so she will have to go back for more tests. The picture is of Gracie invading mom's herb garden, which is strictly off limits to us because we do naughty things there like pee on the herbs. Some of us even eat them. Gracie ate all the sunflowers too.
Here is mom with Nicki. Nicki is doing okay. She's had a couple of minor problems, but mom sorted them out. Nicki is now quite famous her photo and story appears on IDA's, Kinshipcircle and other websites Dad is still working in Teresopolis at the animal shelter.  Today Dr Bruno is back in action. Yesterday they saw two abandoned St Bernard dogs. The owner left them with a caretaker and has not been seen since early December. The caretaker has not been paid and although he was feeding the dogs. He has run out of money and can't feed them anymore. He actually can't feed himself and family anymore too. That is Brazil! The dogs were lucky this nice man fed them up to now otherwise they would be dead. A lot of people in Rio had second homes up here and have been to afraid to return. The economy here has bee hit hard because it is a touristic region.

These affluent people just forgot about their dogs. Now a vet has to get a court order and then they will be taken away and given to someone else. Luckily for them I think they will be easy to donate. They are pure breed, healthy dogs, so have a very good chance of finding new owners with better memories.


chandra said...

We're sorry to hear Gracie's not feeling well. Hopefully, the additional tests will provide answers - it's always worse when you don't know what problem you're dealing with!

Love the photo of Gracie in the garden - she definitely looks like she's been caught in the act! Really like the pic of Mom and Nicki, too! So happy that Nicki is safe and with your pack, now. It make us so sad and mad to think that people could "forget" about their dogs. As you said, hopefully the two St. Bernards will find a home quickly. The one pictured looks like he's ready to make new friends!

Hope you have a good weekend!
-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

georgia little pea said...

Sorry I just saw this post. I've been a bit slow this week. So busy.

I hope Gracie gets better. Upset tummy and lethargy describes Georgia at the moment too. Liver problems? Hmmm...that makes me a little worried.

Those poor St Bernards. To just leave them to a caretaker. - I can't imagine they had much companionship and love (unless the caretaker was their family too). I hope they find a better home. Maybe being "neglected" like that will lead to a happy ending.