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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Before I tell you all about mom's Monday I want to show you before and after. Here is Nicki before awaiting adoption at the Teresopolis Shelter. Look at that sad and stressed face.

Here she is now.
She looks like she is smiling and she is. She has finally stopped being so sad and has started to enjoy herself. We are all really pleased for her. She will never forget her family but she made it through the grieving and finally started to heal. Who says we don't have facial expressions. Now onto Monday at the shelter.

This little scamp is awaiting adoption. He is so lovable. Well on Monday he escaped and ran off into the streets. The humans got five people together and went after him. When they finally found him they called out to him, 'Aranha' which is his name and means Spider in English guess what? He turned around and came running to them wagging his tail. What a relief for everyboday and he seemed glad to go home. He wagged his tail all the way.

This Guy came from Sao Jose, which was badly hit by the disaster to Teresopolis to adopt a dog. He lost his home, his parents lost theirs and his grandparents lost theirs too. He also lost his dog. He was interviewed by a film crew who are making a film about the shelter and the disaster and he got very emotional. Mom thinks he will be a very good human parent for this dog. Nicki and Dad are also in this film. It is going to be in the Rio Film Festival.
Another sick puppy.

Here he is with Dr Bruno. Dogs in Brazil managed to secure another donation from our own private Angel to keep Dr Bruno on board and help with his expenses. The good thing is when Dogs in Brazil is a registered non profit organization, which is in process now, he will be part of our team. We could not get a better vet. He is great and loves all of us animals. Mom caught him kissing a puppy when he thought no one was looking! An update on our new dog with no name yet! He has an infection but doesn't have anything more serious than anemia and maggots. He is taking lots of medications and supplements and should be recovering well in the next two weeks. If anyone has any ideas on names for him please feel free to comment. He is eating four times a day and hopefully will fill out quickly. He is very frightened and seems to come from a violent home. Let us all pray he gets over this soon. He is still very traumatized and does not really know what is going on. He is sharing a kennel with Panda and Sam and now mom and dad are packed to capacity. No more rescues for a while. Not unless some wealthy person comes along with funding that is! Our financial situation remains critical. 

1 comment:

chandra said...

Nicki's smiling face totally made our day! We will think very good thoughts for the handsome freckled boy and we will think on some name suggestions as well!

Love that Mom caught Dr. Bruno kissing a puppy! Many thanks to the angel for funding Dr. Bruno's work and that is fantastic that you'll soon be a non-profit!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years