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Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Trip to our friends in Teresopolis

Mom and Dad made another trip to Teresopolis yesterday. The situation is improving and more animals got adopted at an event yesterday, however the legacy of the disaster continues for humans and animals. Mom and Dad took some pictures of the houses in Posse yesterday.

There are a lot of empty houses where probably the owners all perished. There is also a lot of building work going on as people are still struggling to return to normal. This house looks abandoned. The mud line shows how high the mudslide was. It probably invaded the house totally and the occupants probably  perished. There is still rivers of mud all around.

These are more abandoned houses that stand like this. They are a very sad reminder of what happened here. When you see this you our forced to think how long will it take Japan to recover probably several  years. The disaster here occurred on January 12th. A day non of us can ever forget. Now globally it is insignificant except to a few thousand people. We are forced to see scenes like this daily which is why it is so hard to forget. We feel so sorry for the thousands of people still sleeping in tent camps because it is very cold here right now.  

As Mom and Dad passed this one they noticed this curious cement lady still standing on top. They don't know who she is meant to be and the area is pretty much deserted now as most of the people in this area perished.

Here is a close up of her. Maybe she was supposed to protect the inhabitants, but somehow failed in her duty and is now forced to eternallly survey the damage as a castigation for her sins. Now we are going to look at some of the nice dogs still in the shelter.

This is Vovo or Grandpa in English. He is said to be around 15. He was caught up in the disaster and Mom and Dad thought he had very low chances of adoption. Well! yesterday they heard the news that one of the volunteers is going to keep him. The humans who visit the  dogs there regualrly see us in a different way to the ones coming to choose a new pet. They get to know the dogs on a more personal basis and it is mostly the volunteers who take the problem dogs. Mom keeps saying they will wait right up to the end and see who is left before making any decisions about squeezing another one in here. She says they probably won't be able too until they sort out the mess they call their lives. Here is another huge problem.

This is Gustavo. He has escaped death twice that we know of. First he survived the disaster and second the Argentinian vets working for Kinship Circle were just about to euthanize him when they were stopped in their tracks by the director of the shelter. He is one lucky boy to be alive. They wanted to kill him because he bit one of them. He does bite through fear but he is very affectionate with the people he likes. Dad gives him affection and has never been bitten by poor little frightened Gustavo. He has been at the Shelter months. He needs a person with a lot of patience and no other dogs or children and a lot of love then we are sure he could be a nice boy. 

These are two of the Pitbull and Pitbull mixes awaiting adoption. They were fostered out seperately because of the initial overcrowding just after the disaster. They are now ready for adoption as the foster has assessed them and they are all fit and well and fixed so they cannot reproduce. Mom and Dad are helping with the campaign to get them adopted out to responsible people who will love them. You have to be careful about this because there are dog fighting rings here just like other countries. 

This one was screaming 'I wanna get out now'. Mom said that he was adorable.  

This one Mom fell in love with she said he looks like a mop. He has a long beard and really needs a haircut. Another really gorgeous dog but aren't we all?

Lastly here is a church standing alone amid the ruins of what once was a community. It is a stark reminder to Thank God that we all survived and as the world never ended on the 21st May then we all have only one way to go and that is Forwards. One day the area will thrive again. We don't know when but we have to think positively.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hope they all get a new home. What a sad sight, all those empty homes or shells of homes.

chandra said...

What fantastic news for Vovo, who is so cute I almost started petting my computer! Of course all the dogs pictured are adorable. I hope they find homes very soon.

Excellent sentiment about the only way to go is forward!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years