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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today Mom had to take Guga to the Dr Bruno, He started bleeding from his penis again and this time a lot more blood. He had to have an ultra sound. Mom wasn't going to blog for a few days because she is as she says up to her neck in it! She is trying to save us all and we keep getting ill. Anyway Guga poor old fellow has an enlarged prostate with an abscess in his prostate. It is not life threatening yet because Mom caught it early. He has to take antibiotics special ones to penetrate as far as his prostate and another drug to reduce the size of his prostate.

Here he is being shaved ready for the ultra sound. He was very calm, but he would not go in without his mom and dad. Mom held his paw throughout and he remained calm. He looks pretty odd now with his bald belly. Everybody loved him at the clinic and he could not stop wagging his tail. He really is the most adorable, happy and grateful rescue we ever had.
We think many times that if he had not of been rescued at the time then he would probably have died in the floods because we are at a much higher altitude here. Anyway after the treatment for one month the vet says he will have to be neutered because testosterone makes the prostate enlarge more, so the poor fellow will have to undergo surgery. The good news was that they checked out his other vital organs; kidneys, liver, spleen etc and they are all in good shape. If, we can get him through this then he will last a good while longer and after 12 years on the streets alone we think he deserves his retirement here.    

Look at his little face and he never complained once.


chandra said...

Guga is such a sweet boy and he's so grateful for your love and care! Bravo to Mom for keeping such a close eye on his health, it makes all the difference for an older dog!

We're so happy to know that Guga can be treated and that his organs are looking good. We'll be thinking of him and hoping the antibiotics do the trick so that he can put this behind him and get back to retirement ... he's got bird watching to do!

Big big hugs to sweet Guga!
-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Oh poor Guga. I will pray her comes through this stronger then ever. This should could with a warning for men not to read or they will be walking doubled over for a week

Bailey Be Good! said...

I am visiting via the pawty blog hop -- it's nice to meet you. :)

I will keep Guga in my puppy thoughts and prayers and hope he is much better soon. :)

Woofs & weekend hugs,


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you caught Guga's problem early. He must be a sweet dog. So good you rescued him in time.