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Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday In Teresopolis

On Saturday Dad went to help our friends in Teresopolis. They have to vacate the warehouses/shelter by mid June and they are trying to get as many of the left over disaster victim dogs adopted out before then. Of course, some will be left over and they are creating an infrastructure for this purpose. Dad is designing this for them because he knows about that sort of thing. New kennels will be built in the director's property to house all of the left over dogs. Mom says if she wins the lottery she will take them all. Over 1220 animals passed through the warehouse after the disaster. We are proud to have helped. The dog below has very little chance of adoption. He is very slow but still a strong dog.  He is called Grandao which means big. He is a huge dog and will require medical care in the future as all older dogs do.

 This one is waiting

Another oldie.

Oops this one just peed on the floor. Now he is looking at his puddle surprised. He is saying did I do that?

Look what a cute face. Below are some local street dogs. Five in total. These ones don't look too bad.

It will be winter soon here and cold at night. They will have to find good sleeping places for the winter. Mom and Dad are still worried sick trying to pay all the bills from the few donations that come in. Life is stressful for them because every day they live with the question of will we make it? What if we don't? Life goes on.................


Jan's Funny Farm said...

It's nice something is being built to house the leftover dogs. for a moment, we feared ....

We think the cushion covers are a neat idea and hope you sell lots of them!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

One day at a time is sometimes all we can do...

Thanks for doing what you can...

chandra said...

While the two oldies especially grab my heart, all of those dogs are just adorable and so deserving of a forever family!

More than 1220 animals! It's amazing that many were cared for. Bravo to everyone who pitched in and thanks to Mom and Dad for all they did and continue to do ... that is fantastic that Dad is designing the permanent kennels!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years