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Monday, May 16, 2011


Well mom had a horrible Sunday. They had two lots of people around to see the house. First she had to do a big clean up because we make such a mess. Then wait for them to arrive. Brazilians are always late. We barked non stop because we could hear strange noises in the road and we did not like the visitors who all brought children with them. Mom told us to be quiet but we did not stop. The noises in the street bothered us. Then the noises were right outside our front door. Mom had a look and this is what she found.

Two escaped pigs out for some fun. They invaded the rubbish bins and made a lot of snorting sounds. They decided to stick around for several hours. Mom considered taking them in to save them from becoming Bacon, but she does not have the facilities for pigs here. Late in the evening they disappeared. We think between us and the pigs we put off the prospective buyers. We did this because we want to stay here it is our home. We cheered the pigs when they left for helping us. Mom did not see the funny side of this at all and just got stressed with all the noise and people walking around while we were all shut up in the house in one room. mom let Guga out thinking he would be friendly but even he growled and had to be put back in the spare bedroom whilst the humans walked around. Good old Guga. He is a star.   

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Stressful day. We hate that you are having to sell your home and hope something changes for the better soon!