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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Twitter Challenge Still Going and Yet Another Vet Visit

The twitter challenge is still going and needs to be because Mom was back at the vets again today. It certainly has been an month of problems and they are still coming by the day. Yesterday after breakfast Mini started making choking sounds and continued for quite a while. Mom checked her throat to see if there was some food stuck down there but could not find anything. Then she thought that maybe she had been bitten in the throat by some sort of bug that she ate. Mom gave her some Olive oil to see if this cleared the problem. It did not and she continued to make this terrible coughing sound all day as though she was choking. At night she did not eat anything so Mom resolved to take her to the vet today. She had to take Trooper anyway because he was getting worse. Here she is awaiting her turn.

Mini is the little terrier mix whose owner moved to an apartment and did not want her anymore. She has been with us since last August.  She doesn't get along with others dogs too well and is very jealous of others. Here she is being examined wearing a muzzle because she may bite strangers. She is like that!

The vet decided that it was laryngitis because her throat was all inflamed. Now she has to take Prednisone for ten days. Trooper has had problems with his leg. His butt all healed up nicely but one leg is giving a problem on the thigh and knee where he has an abscess. The vet told us to drain it daily and flush it through with peroxide liquid which we did. He has been taking antibiotics since mom  rescued him. Quite a while now. Yesterday morning Mom could not drain it and it had grown to the size of a tennis ball. The hole where she was draining it had sealed over. She syringed a lot of blood from it by inserting the syringe but he was very distressed about the whole thing.

Trooper travelled in the cage and Mini went on Mom's lap.

Poor Trooper had his butt shaved a few weeks ago and now his leg. The vet made holes in his abscess and drained it properly. He too had to wear a muzzle because this was a painful experience for him.

Dad held his hand. He took two injections and remains on antibiotics for the meanwhile. The vet thinks that maybe a dead maggot is in there somewhere or part of one of the larger fly larvae which we call Bernie Flies. His body has not managed to reject it yet, His anemia has improved 100%  though. he has been given a new medication as well. Mom doesn't know what it is but it is called Silicea here and it is homeopathic it is to help his body reject the forign object.

Here he is coming out such a handsome boy. Here is a close up of his now bald and swollen leg.

Mom is praying for all of these problems to stop. We usually have at least one problem a month but this last two months have been ridiculous. Well all donations are still worth double until we reach $545 on the chip in. Please chip in! Mom still has not explained to me what this chip thing is. Mom searched for the little dog with a tumor today so she could examine him as so far only Dad has seen him. They never found him. Apparently they just missed him at the petrol station. they will try again soon.

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