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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two of the Walking Wounded

Today mom and dad were doing stuff locally and checking out the street dog population around here. They spotted the little dog with the tumor on his testicles. he is always with his friend who has a limp. Here they are

 He was actually licking the tumor when they arrived and dad got a close look. He will soon have maggots in his testicles because the tumor is seeping a bloody fluid. One way or another he is doomed. His big friend seems to love him a lot. She seems to be trying to take care of the poor little fellow. Mom feels so bad that they cannot treat animals in town with small problems because this problem will kill him eventually unless someone takes care of this now. If he undertook treatment now then it would be a lot cheaper than waiting for this to become a huge problem. Let us hope someone takes pity on him.
Mom and Dad followed them and they went into the funeral centre here where they lay out the bodies for friends and relatives to visit the corpse.

He sat and looked quite dejected with his lot in life. Not much of a future is it. His friend was waiting near by.

He then moved on a waited at the bus stop.

Then they checked out behind the supermarket and found another two sleeping.

They were a bit cold but looked ok until closer inspection revealed maggots starting in the black, tan and white one's hind end. The same problem as Trooper who weeks later is still taking medication.

It is only a small colony at the moment but it will grow quickly as the maggots chomp through his flesh. He will lose his tail like the poor dog did in Teresopolis and eventually die. The photos of this poor dog were posted on my blog during the disaster epoch. I can't bare to look it was horrible.  

As mom and dad drove home the little male with the tumor was playing Russian Roulette in the traffic. This is Brazil.................. If only we could have a clinic for street dogs and treat the problems as they appear and spay and neuter them then the problems would diminish. This is just a dream though because mom and dad cannot even afford us anymore. They have a lot of problems themselves.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

It's so hard to see problems and be unable to help with a solution. But you have enough to deal with. Hope things get better soon.

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

So sad. I feel such heartbreak for these dogs. In a small bit of good news I finally was able to get Pay Pal to and make a modest donation. I know it is nowhere near enough but I hope you inspire other people to do so.

chandra said...

Oh, they are a sweet pair, Emmy! I know it doesn't help their challenges but at least they have each other to spend the days and nights with.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years