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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antlers and Chews!

We are blogging today about antlers! Yes Antlers. A strange thing to blog about in the middle of a financial crisis. The antler chews were of great interest to Mom because we are not allowed any chews here. Way back in the blog I told you the story about how we all got warts in our mouths, which the vet suspected came from raw hide chews that had not been properly treated. If the cow has one of these warts, which are caused by the papillomas virus on his skin and then the dog injests small parts of the virus it can cause an outbreak of warts. The warts are highly contagious and pass from one dog to the other by the sharing of water bowls. Anyway we all nearly died and Mom spent a fortune with three different vets trying to save us.She found the cure and we all recovered. So Mom's letting me blog about the Antler Chews sold on the internet at www.scoutandzoes.com She thought they were a really good idea and the animals don't have to die to become a chew.  Now that's a real bonus! The people that sell them have a real nice, friendly web site. It's a real fur friendly site.

 The Antler chews are extremely hard and we will confirm this when we try them soon. We are not getting paid to write about the chews but I think we will get a chew each. We can't wait because life without chews is not a Dog's life. They are allergy free, don't splinter like bones, have trace minerals and scrumptiously chewy. Look at this one just waiting to be chewed I am licking my lips and drooling just looking at it.

If by chance you don't have a dog then these chews have a variety of other uses. Even to the English Royal family. They wear hats made out of them.

Imagine somebody paid £75,000 for the Antler hat worn by Beatrice to the Royal wedding. Poor Mom just took the last few centavos out of the bank and is wondering what sort of world we live in. Anyway at least we going to get some nice chews soon. I am going to tell Mom to make hats with them and sell them. Now there's an idea.

1 comment:

chandra said...

Emmy, you cracked me up with the pic of that kooky hat!

I just recently learned about antlers. Chewies always made me nervous - I worry that dogs will choke on them - but after hearing what happened to you guys, I'm really not into them! The other day, I bought an antlers for the little dog I just adopted and he absolutely loves it! I'm going to check out Scout & Zoe's when I ready to buy the next one because if if your pack likes them then they must be pretty cool!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years