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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our house now for sale

This is our home for the last ten years it was a shack without ceilings, floors,  window, and doors. The rain seeped in and bats flew around. Mom and Dad worked hard and reformed it to the best of their  financial ablity. They are now forced to sell. All the Dogs kennels will have to be dismantled and somehow built again in a day because where do you put 17 dogs while preparing a new infrastructure? Who will want a tenant with 17 dogs who wants to build kennels in their property? We are doomed without big time help that means us and Mom and Dad. Thats the meaning of Things Fall Apart. They worked all their lives and did what their hearts told them to do, which was help animals like us. Now they can't help themselves or us. Mom is still trying but the effort is failing. Only two solutions sell house which creates more problems or a wealthy person gives substantial help and gets involved with helping animals.


georgia little pea said...

dear janice,

it's hard to read about your troubles and sad to think of what might happen to all the dogs we've come to know through your wonderful blog. i hope something good happens soon - though realistically, i can't imagine what that might be.

just think of all you've done in the last 10 years - for your dogs and all the ones that might not be a part of your family but that you've helped along the way.

you did your best. what more can one do?

i hope your future, wherever it might be, won't be so harsh and heart-breaking.

abracos e beijos por sua familia xox

acãochego.org said...

Olá Janice. Lí que você é poeta. Também tenho um site de poesias e gostaria de ler algo seu.
Também gostaria de saber, já que estou no Brasil, São Paulo, se Pode-se fazer um simples depósito bancário para ajudar sua cãopanha. Agradeço muito a resposta.