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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Dog That We Can't Help

We are still in the same situation. The pain of losing everything is terrible but made worse when you here Dad's story about a dog in the Teresopolis shelter.  Had it been two years or maybe one year ago they would have helped. Dad did not take a picture, but Mom says next time she goes there she will take a video on her cell phone for you to see. We were all very upset by Dad's story. We just wish Mom and Dad could go on helping the more difficult cases like they used to do. Well here is Dad's story. Whilst doing more volunteer work there on Saturday he decided to walk and play with one very sad dog. This dog is a distemper survivor and has neurological damage. Physically he is fine. He spends his day going around and around in his cage as though he were chasing his tail. He is not chasing his tail though. Jessie did this after her brain lesion but eventually got better. When Dad went into his cage to feed him he played with him and curiously the dog stopped, played and wagged his tail. Whilst he was distracted he stopped rotating. The vet thinks that there is probably no cure. Dad decided to put him on a lead and walk him to see what happened. He walked perfectly in a straight line with Dad. Maybe we are all stupidly optimistic but had this been a while back they would have taken the dog to a neurologist and tried some extensive therapy. If he played and walked long enough they thought that perhaps he may get better. His name is 'Rodador' which means something that spins. This is so sad.


chandra said...

I'm sorry, there's not much I can say except ... I know that Dad made the sweet dog's day by playing with him and taking him for a stroll.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, this is very sad. We know you would help the dog if you could.