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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gustavo Lucky to be Alive!

We all remember Gustavo so well from the shelter Teresopolis. He was rescued six months ago from the disaster and is still awaiting a home. Gustavo doesn't like strangers and bites them if he can. He did have a fairly good excuse because he was very stressed and has spent six months in a small cage waiting for his luck to change. Once Gustavo gets to know and trust he is an adorable little fellow. He has a colorful history and has escaped death twice this year alone. He was rescued from the floods that was good luck for him. Then he was singled out as aggressive by the Chillean Vets who volunteered during the disaster for euthanasia. Lucky for him the Brazilian director of the shelter returned and put a stop to this. She explained that the sheleter was to save dogs not to kill dogs and Gustavo survived again. He was already on the table 5 minutes more and no more Gustavo. The next antic of his was escaping from the shelter, but he got caught not far off. Then for his grand finale he bit Dr Bruno who luckily has a heart of gold and forgave him. They are now friends too. Gustavo just needs time and patience. He was supposed to go to a sanctuary in Sao Paulo, but for some reason this has fallen through. So poor little Gustavo still sits waiting. Mom and Dad love him and would keep him but they no longer can offer a stable future to any dog even the 17 in their home. Here is Gustavo with Dad.

Here he is playing

There are still many flood victims waiting three more got adopted yesterday. They have all been living in small cages within a warehouse for six months.

This one is called  Danilo and he found himself adopted by the family of this boy. Looks like he got lucky yesterday. All weekend Dad has been helping them to close down one warehouse and put all the remaining dogs in the last open warehouse. This will then close when all the dogs have been found suitable homes. They will not kill any. The more difficult ones will go to the directors home where kennels will be built for them.

This is Marron, which means brown. I guess when you have to name 1200 dogs because thats what they started with you lose your imagination when choosing names. There are less than 100 left and the numbers are reducing little by little daily. He is a very calm sweet dog too. Thank God he has found a home too.

This is Cabecao meaning big head in Portuguese he had a bad case of maggots in his neck when rescued and is very pleased to have found a home after a long six months in conditions like these. Mom Dad and the others humans did their best, but we dogs need to play outside, see the sun, and to receive love from humans thats what we like.  Anderson the Guy in the photo has been helping nearly every weekend since the disaster occurred too. Another forgotten hero. He will be part of our non profit too if Mom and Dad ever get there.

 Some have spent six months crammed into small cages no wonder they get stressed. Thank God this will soon be ending. I guess the world thought it was over a long time ago. Dad drove the dogs to their new waiting room. he and the others moved around fifty dogs ten kilometres to the other warehouse.

A few of them are going to an adoption fair on Sunday in Rio. So we wish them luck. One day this disaster will end for us with reference to financial damage and for the homeless humans and the poor animals. It takes a longtime to get over a major disaster mentally and materially. A long journey ahead. We just hope we make this journey all together. The film will come out in October showing everything we went through and dad and Nicki are both in it. Mom and Dad are going to Rio with all their animal friends to vote for it. Let's hope it wins the Rio film festival. Warning it's a real tear jerker. Mom can't watch the trailer without crying it brings it all back to her. She and her friends cry when they start to talk about it. We will never forget it.  


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I don't know how you live with so much sorrow. Glad to hear Gustavo is still with us. I think of you everyday. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket and if I win give you the money. Honest.

chandra said...

Wow, Gustavo is indeed a lucky boy! Very glad to see the dogs finding homes and the ones still waiting at least moving to a new location - I'm sure they know by now that while they are still in waiting mode, they are at least safe.

Will the public be able to vote for the film during the film festival? If so, I'll be clicking away!

Thanks to Dad for all his hard work moving the dogs!
-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years