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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well Dad went to the bank yesterday after the dreadful telephone call giving us thirty days. They have agreed that if we can find around $6500 in the next 28 days then they won't go ahead. So in effect we got another 28 days. After that they can get us out quickly. They made Dad sign a contract and gave him a bill of 10,100.00 reais which is what they want in Brazilian currency. Of course, it will be impossible to raise this amount of money so, we are back to square one awaiting a miracle. Mom has been real busy with the puppies pooping everywhere and squealing for food every three hours. They are adorable though and deserved the chance to live. If anyone has any ideas on fundraising please let us know. Anyone can think of ways to make this situation more visible to the world then please let us know. We are truly desperate. mom will get some pictures of the puppies posted later today. Daisy's blood test have come back but vet left the clinic early. She is not showing any signs of distemper and is apparently eating well and gaining some weight. Now everybody think Miracle miracle miracle miracle 

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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Left a comment on Giselle's blog for you. You might want to check this out although it could just be wasting more of your time(http://www.catanna.com/celebrityanimalactivists.htm)

Still keeping my ear to the ground