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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daisy Update

This is little Daisy. She is still at the vet clinic in case she develops distemper. She has gained some weight and is wearing her beautiful daisy collar donated by a kind soul. It was the collar that gave Mom the idea to call her Daisy. Her  leg is complicated because the vet said that she was probably hit by a car. The x rays show her hip bone was broken and there are bits of calcified bone fragments everywhere. The vet actually described it as a 'soup of bone fragments'. Her leg was broken too. The people near where she was sleeping said that she had been run over twice, so we don't know if she got both injuries at once, or on seperate occasions. The vet said breaking the hip would have been intensely painful for her. She has no sensation in her paw and is dragging it. The vet said, mom should get something to protect it as it is scraping along the ground and sore. She looks a lot better than the forlorn little girl lying in the street who could hardly walk. She has been taking vitamins and eating well. I guess the rest and respite from having to hunt for scraps of food all day has done her a lot of good. Mom spent a few hours with her and says she is really sweet. She began to follow mom and dad around the room like a little lamb. So, Daisy will probably stay with all of us here for the rest of her life. The vet says she is around six years old. Nobody will adopt her like this. The vet said making any improvements to her leg would require specialist surgery and a whole heap of money. Mom and Dad saw her xrays. Guga survived his castration the poor old chap was complaining a bit earlier but seems to have perked up this afternoon. This should be the end of his prostate problem. He weighs 46 kilos now or 101lbs. He is a big dog with a big heart. We all glad  he made it. Mom and dad are still looking for somewhere to take us all. The pups are doing fine too. They are leaving for adoption on the 11th. Mom is going to be on an internet radio show talking about us all.



Jan's Funny Farm said...

Jan, you and your hubby have such big hearts!

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

You are the best. So I guess sending so many messages to Giselle was another swing and a miss. Never count on a size zero. Sorry

chandra said...

Oh, Emmy, Dad is giving Daisy such sweet pets in the video! I can only imaging how relieved she is to be in caring hands!

I know their injuries are different but Daisy and Nicki look to have similar walking styles. If Mom needs a recommendation on a boot for Nicki, I have some info.

SO THRILLED that Guga came through the procedure fine. Big hugs to the big guy!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years