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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Dog

The little street dog is still out there some where. Dad has been looking every day for two days now that we have found a vet to take her/him. Now we have a vet but not the dog. We are really hoping the dog is okay still. Three days ago it was still around. Dad waited until lunchtime from early this morning and then had to go to Teresopolis to help transport four dogs. He took a video of the cute little spinning dog. Mom will post this here when he comes home. Meanwhile Mom is avoiding all calls from Sao Paulo central bank is trying to contact us.  The hour is approaching and everybody is very nervous. We are trying not to think about it right now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am worried for you and the little dog. I can no longer stand to read about all of the misery of all of the animals out there and all of the cruelty that goes on at the hands of people. For me the bad is outweighing the good right now. Adieu!

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Saying a prayer for the little dog

janeiro said...

Anonymous! this makes us so sad because there are nearly 18 examples of success here. That's not counting the ones who died duirng our ten years. There is something positive in this otherwise we wwouldn't do it. We sacrificed everything for this cause please don't bury your head in the sand now. It's reality and we are making a difference. One by one. S
aved another little baby today. I know it's hard but we need people who are sensitive like you. It's not all negative. Fight and we may win. Chin up and enter battle that's our motto