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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Non Profit

All the paperwork is ready now for our non profit and our lawyer is ready to go ahead. We are now are just $3000 from completion. We are going to try to raise this money so we can at least continue our work wherever we go and can run local campaigns here in Brazil and globally. We will be able then to get help with dog food, medications, vaccinations, etc from Brazilian companies, which will help a lot. Presuming we get to find and afford somewhere to rent. Another huge problem but we are trying to resolve all these issues one at a time. We have been doing this years and really want to continue the work. We would like to devote our energies entirely to the street dogs and their problems and be able to help by raising money in a professional way. We missed out on many offers of help just because we were not a registered non profit charity and at least one large donation. Everybody paws and hands crossed we get there. We only now have two more bridges to cross. Move from here and rent somewhere for the dogs and us and to open our charity. Then we will run campaigns to expand our efforts. So think positively folks. Anyone with face book please share. Anyone on twitter please tweet, and spread the word so a new beginning can start.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Can't wait to see the obstacles overcome and victory!

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Thinking positively and squeezing some pennies together to send to you

Jill In Brazil said...

Hi, Thanks a lot and I would be honored if you would put my post "The life of a street dog" on your blog.
I think the work you are doing is wonderful and you are making a huge contribution to the society here. It takes a big heart, a lot of money and a strong person to do what you are doing. When I can contribute financially I will. Thanks a lot and best of luck to you. My email address is jillinbrazil@gmail.com .
I look forward to reading more and hearing from you soon,
Jill Rios