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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daisy and the Little Pups!

Well Friday night late a new dog arrived here. The little white street dog that looked so pathetic in the video way back in August. Mom and Dad rescued her and she has been in the vet's clinic all that time. Her anemia is better and she doesn't have distemper. She is very affectionate and follows mom around like a lamb. She is wearing her special collar donated from the USA with Daisies on it.

Here you can see her collar. This was her first day here and she smelt everything that she could. Mom is going to try now and upload some videos of her. she tried earlier but it didn't work.

This is Daisy walking around. The vet said we couldn't do much about her leg.

This is Daisy enjoying her new home. She will probably remain with us for life as we know that it will be almost impossible to get her adopted. She will need some kind of protective shoe forher paw at the back. She is a lucky girl survived being run over twice and did not catch distemper and now she has her furever home. No more starving in the streets. She put on quite a bit of weight at the vet clinic. For comparisons of before and after see older post entitled 'New Dog on the Block'. She is already showing signs of a strong bond with mom and dad.
Talking of adoptions today our three little puppies rescued from the river got adopted out and an adoption event in Rio. We are going to miss them.
They were getting quite fat. We were very happy they didn't die stranded on the rock in the rver like their siblings did, but also sorry to see them go. They distracted us from our massive problems. We are also stranded awaiting the sale of our house or eviction whatever comes first. We are looking at houses to rent now and try to raise money to move as one way or another we have to get out of here. So it was a happy weekend. Pups have new homes! Daisy is safe and saved! Only us now to be saved! 

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad the pups all got a new home and Daisy has finally been able to come to her new home. We're looking forward to when you all move to your new home.