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Sunday, November 13, 2011


We just had the removal company round to assess how many trips we will need and the say they are going to try for three trips but it will be tight. We have 120 metres of fence wire that is 1m 80cm high. 60 treated ucalyptus support posts, 2 fridges, one for us one for dogs, Two ovens one for us one for dogs, Large catering pans, dog houses, our furniture, over 1000 books, an endless list of boxes of this and that. We have a gas water heater that is large, our baked potatoe oven which weighs 70 kilos. We have two large gas cylinders and four small ones. All these are used for different reasons and expensive to buy again. We have two large tables one for dishing up dog food and one for us. I have cupboards full of dog bedding and towels for them. There sponge beds as well. Just medication for dogs a whole box full filling two cabinets. Hose pipes and buckets for kennel cleaning. Brooms etc. Tools for building kennels and repairing kennels. It's frightening! Also how we are going to finance this is frightening. We are scheduled to move around the 27th of this month. We will be experiencing Christmas in the new home. Hope we manage to organize ourselves by then.     


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Praying all goes smoothly! Sounds like you are well organized in the home to take care of the dogs, so we're sure you'll do a good job of organizing the move.

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

We would help, we but we're Yorkies and can't carry much, and are a couple of thousand miles away. But outside of that we would be there. Good luck my friends.