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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dog arrived at door dying

Well today has been a real bad day for mom and dad. Dad tried to go to Teresopolis to get more of the temporary kennels as he can't build kennels in the pouring rain. He had to turn back because the clutch on the car wouldn't permit him to climb the mountain. Later on two guys mom and dad know from the tyre shop here came with a little dog which they said was poisoned in a card board box. He was in a real bad way. Warning graphic video coming.

We gave him medication for poisoning but we are beginning to think he has distemper. He has all the symptoms. He doesn't look like he will make the night. Normally mom and dad don't film this but because they we are making the transition to charity status then the world should see what they deal with regularly. We will let you know if he survives and if he survives with severe neuro damage, That is why we have to fund raise and march on to stop this. The dog is so thin and mal nourished. If he was poisoned then he was this thin before. If he has distemper it's because he was born in the streets and never got vaccinated or had a negligent owner. There are many of those here.  Either way his suffering is intolerable. We don't have any choice we have to try and save him. Mom has many of these problems brought to our door. The car clutch went today. All vet's are closed except for one 40 miles away. Car won't make it, We are fund raising tonight to see if we can get him to a vets tomorrow if he survives the night. Pray for him he is really, really sick.

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