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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Art Auction

These two paintings called 'Female' and 'Male' are a couple in every sense and should really be sold together. They are H36ins x W48ins. Of course, in real life the colors are more vivid. We think they are beautiful and should enhance any home. The artist is a very talented lady and she is giving 75% of any sales to Dogs in Brazil. In order to bid you can contact us dogsinbrazil@hotmail.com and we will give further details.

1 comment:

Bipolarlioness said...

They look great, Janice! I hate to see them go, but glad they'll be going to save lives. If anyone has questions about the meanings behind and within my works, don't be afraid to let them call me. As long as you feel they're intentions are good. Brodie's crossing paws & I'm crossing fingers.