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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life Here

Mom told me to give an update on everything going on here and there is a lot. First Tupa's ear. It's looking much better.
Second here is mom's new home and the kennels dad has been building.

These are the first two kennels

These are going to be three more. Then dad has to make four more somewhere away from the house. They are very worried because it's all costing way more than they thought and they need to put roofs and little sleeping houses in all these kennels. For that they don't have any money. They are asking for donations to help set up the new place so we can have our play area back and so that the kennel dogs don't have to sleep under the stars especially if it's raining.

Now the five pups dumped at mom and dad's door.

They are doing well. The two that were really weak have picked up and no sign of distemper either.
Joey is fine in the house and doing a good job of growing. Topi is okay and gave Mom four cuddles this morning. Guga is okay and finally off meds. So, that's it here. Please donate to help my mom and dad help animals like us that nobody wants. We get ill and can't cope alone and sometimes we need people like my mom and dad to help us.  My Mom and Dad need people like you to help them to help us.

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