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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Friend Joey

I have a new friend and although I was a bit slow getting to know him I have decided I like him. We have been playing a lot together recently. His name is Joey.

Joey is in the dog house today because he chewed through mom's camera cable, so not she can't pass photos to the computer. He is quite naughty in comaparison to me. Mom says it's his age and he will grow out of it. The other five puppies that were dumped here are doing fine and have no signs of distemper. Mom's trying to raise more money for all the things we need at the new place including houses to sleep in and more fence wire. They have already moved most of the furniture from the house and are living with just the bare essentials. Today dad was with the removal men and the truck got stuck in the mud. It was pulled out by another vehicle. We have just had a huge storm and really violent rainfall for twenty four hours. It's still raining now. The won't be able to take us all there until the rain stops.  So we are all about to make a new start. They are hoping that it will be the last of the terrible things that happened last year. Even on the last day of 2011 they had to euthanize a dog. It was a terrible, terrible year.   

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