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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Dog

Mom and Dad took in another dog who is very sick. He was found in Teresopolis. He has a huge ear infection that will almost certainly leave him deaf, he has mal nutrition and is full of maggots in his ears and neck. He smells terrible and the vet said if the infection enters the brain then he will be in deep trouble. Mom and Dad are trying to get him better.

Here he is eating he chokes a bit because of the huge edema under his throat.

He has deep holes made by maggots under his throat.

His ear has been eaten by maggots and he will probably never recover his hearing as the damage is so deep. He has internal structural damage in his ear. He also has anothe huge hole not visible here at the back of his ear with part of the internal structure of his ear hanging out. Mom says she has never seen anything as bad in a dog's ear.

He is extremely thin and the vet said if he was two or three more days on his own then he would be dead. They just buried one this month, so naturally they are very sad and trying everything to save this boy. Any body that wants to help Mom and Dad save dogs like this please donate now. They are moving soon after losing their home to help dogs. They have huge removal expenses and need help. 


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Oh this poor baby. Bless for you helping him.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sending a hug. It won't help with expenses but perhaps warm your heart. It's got to be hard to watch these animals suffer. You're so good to help them.