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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here is Joey the little pup abandoned very young weighing just 2.9 kilos. He has grown a lot and will be staying with us as one of the house dogs. He gets on well with all the rest of us and sleeps on the bed with Pebbles, mom and dad. Mom says if he grows big then he will have to have a bed on the floor like me and the other big ones. The five pups abandoned in the box have all been adopted now. Tupa is still alive one vet says he might have a chance, so treatment is continuing in the hope he will make it. He is still gravely ill and the other vet at the clinic is pessimistic. So, we are all hoping and praying for poor Tupa. Mom is still trying to raise funds for the dog houses and fence wire and stuff they need for the dogs outside. Life is a constant battle for Mom and Dad. She is so worried about the dogs outside being cold at night. They had more car problems that cost a lot to put right. So if any of you humans out there want to help then contact mom. We are also going to have a visitor in September. Mom says she is a volunteer and is going to help look after us all for a while. She is coming from somewhere called Norway.   

1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Great job with Joey and the others. We will be praying for Tupa