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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hit another rough patch here

Today mom is very depressed. Things aren't going well. First of all she needs to see a doctor because she has found a lump in her breast. Second the car has another problem, third Trooper has a problem and will probably need a vet, fourth they are without a penny and the dog food ran out today, fifith they have several other bills that need paying quickly. We thank all those that have helped and ask anyone that hasn't helped yet to please reconsider donating as we are in serious trouble here. We want to survive and for mom to achieve her dream of becoming a proper charity and help more dogs.Please donate no matter how small the amount it will help us survive. We are dependent on mom and mom is dependent on you.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We don't have any money to send, but we are praying for you all. And sending pawhugs for your mom.

Craken said...

I was surprised by finding your blog, it hurt a lot to read the account of your odyssey, and finally very saddened by the medical situation that arose. I hope with all my heart that it was only a scare and nothing else. I have spent the last couple of years in Argentina and Brazil.. it has been quite a time for me since my main love in life has been animals, especially dogs, which as I know will agree, are just another kind of people. I have done what I was able. I have been away from Brazil a couple of months and will soon return. My dream in life has been to set up a refuge, just as you have been able to do. Congratulations to you and all blessings.. I hope all goes well with you..One of the saddest things is to see how those that have the means are not interested by and large in recognizing the peopleness of animals, and waste incredible amounts of money on things of little intrinsic value. There is an inverse correlation between having money and caring about others, and is more accute in caring about non human beings, as though only humans could feel pain in any/all its forms, which are many, unfortunately. If you find it the thing to do, please update us regarding the health situation you referred to. I can only reiterate my best wishes and hopes..I send you lots of love, you both are greatly admired, and I will try to contribute what I can today or tomorrow.. God Bless, and please keep us abreast of your activities..