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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Tupa is still alive and staying at the vet's house. Whilst Dad was helping at the adoption event on Saturday the vet, who lives near by brought him over on his lead to see dad. he clearly remembered dad and wagged his tail. He has put on a lot of weight. Th evet Dr Andre says that he is not in pain and he is still enoying life so he wont be going OTRB just yet. His throat has a massive tumor and he has another very big tumor in his rear end. We all feel very sorry for him, but glad he got to enjoy living like a pet and loved for the first time in his life before he goes. At least he knows there are some good humans. He won't die cold and alone in the streets full of pain and sadness. He doesn't look so good.

We are all praying he has a peaceful crossing when the time comes. His life is fading and young Joey is evolving. Joy weighed 2.9 kilos on January the 5th he is now nearly eleven kilos. We have all got used to him now accept Pebbles who still doesn't like him much. Here he is now.

He is going to be a handsome lad. He got so tall that he managed to steal some food from he dinner table today. He loves to eat bugs and he is playing with new toys because Mom and Dad got a beautiful gift from America full of goodies for us. Here it is.

There were lots of things mom wanted for us: grooming brushes, nail clippers, bacon flavoured treats to eat, bowls, blankets, collars, lots of toys, chews, shampoo and flea medication. Joey went mad with the selection of toys. This proves to us here there are some very nice people out there. Joey has developed this irritating habit of sleeping on top of us adult dogs here he is with Guga.

and then he had the audacity to sleep on my back too.



Foley Monster and Pocket said...

The most important thing is that Tupa got to fine love at the end of his life. Thank you for that.

chandra said...

I'm so very glad to know that Tupa is in good hands. Not only do you rescue those in need but you've managed to find hospice for the sweet boy. Bravo!

Joey is a riot! I love the photos of him lounging on his "pillows"! And what a great gift, hope all the pack really enjoyed their treats!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years