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Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Mother's Day Tomorrow Here.

Well! tomorrow it will be Mother's Day and we are all thinking of what we can do for our Mom. We have had several suggestions. Joey thinks we should all nibble her ears and for some reason he thinks she will like that. Freddy thinks we should all lick her nose. Pebbles suggested an extra nuzzle and Tasha suggested a special howling session. We haven't decided yet. Mom said she wants to win the lottery, but we can't get out to buy the tickets and even if we could she doesn't give us pocket money. We also don't understand the system of human numbers. We just count by saying one more or we haven't one. It's a lot simpler. Humans are very complicated. Since my last blog Mom and Dad have finished one more dog house for Sam, Trooper and Panda's kennel. Mom says there are quite a few more to make. Don't ask me how many because I can't count.

Here is Trooper enjoying his new house. It is very cold for us to sleep outside here without houses like this to keep the wind and rain away.

This is the house before Mom and Dad put it in the kennel.

Trooper was so pleased.

Sam checked it out. She needs her own house as well.

As you can see it rains a lot here and Mom and Dad have had problems getting out and back due to the car slipping in the mud. They need something called a four wheel drive because the road to town is a dirt or mud track and it's difficult and dnagerous to drive on in this weather. it rains almost everyday here. That's why they call it the Atlantic Rain Forest I guess.  Guga is much better after he frightened the life out of mom who thought he was dying. He is enjoying a spot of sunshine here.

Here is Gracie. She wanted to say hello to everyone!

Then Pluto had to do it too!

Mom and Dad found a colony of Feral cats living right near the rubbish skip and gave them some food. There are quite a few of them.


 Mom and Dad gave them some of our food. They seem to like it better than the contents of the rubbish tip.

Mom and da have been trying to feed some of the thinner street dogs, but it's difficult because we don't have much in the way of spare food here.

They are trying to feed this dog because he is thin. He is drinking rain water here. Mom says she would take him in a second if the circumstances improve here. We still don't have the perimeter fence and there are many dog houses to finish and neuter four dogs here. So, it's difficult for her to rescue any more at the moment unless things improve.

1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

You are so sweet to think of your Mom. Love the house and the picture of your brother sitting up pretty in thanks.