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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom is Very Busy

Hi Mom is very busy getting votes for this competion http://sunsuperdreams.com.au/dream/view/help-dogs-in-brazil-rebuild-shelter-lost-to-floods Mom and Dad were nominated by a nice Australian Lady called Kelly and are now in first place. The competition goes on until the 31st May so they may lose the first place if everybody doean't vote quickly. So please vote and help Mom and Dad make fences and build dog houses here. We need them. Meanwhile here is a picture or two.

Joey on the Dog's Sofa it's his now.

Guga ready for the cold night.

Street Dog sleeping rough!

Two more sleeping rough!

Joey using Guga as a hot water bottle

Joey in another strange sleeping position

Please don't forget to vote and get your friends and family to vet too.

1 comment:

Pixel Blue Eyes said...

Hello Janiero!
I pray that you are having a good day today. I am awestruck at what you do for these dogs and I just want to thank you with all my heart. I am a very blessed little mini schnauzer dog with a big heart for other dogs in need. Mommy would have voted for you if she had known in time...did you win?
God bless you and be with you. I pray that he places the right people in your path to help you there. HUGS to you & each doggie there.
Love, Pixel