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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hi I'm Joey

Hi My name is Joey. I was Emmy's best friend and she is helping me from her special place to blog for  Dogs in Brazil. She says I will never be as good at it as her. Maybe not! Emmy was a star and now she is shining brightly in Heaven.  I miss Emmy down here on earth because she was the first to be my friend and the first to play with me. Mom misses her too I can tell. I have good intuition even though I am only a puppy. I have only lived a short while, but I have learnt quite a lot so far. One thing I already have learnt is not all humans are good. I know that because someone dumped me in the road outside mom's house and I only weighed 2.9 kilos. How was I suppose to fend for myself? They took me from my real dog mom and did that. What if my new mom didn't want me either, or was away and I was left on my own for days. I didn't even know how to get my own food and was smaller than dad's foot.

I was a beautiful baby! Even though I say it myself. I cried a lot because I was so afraid of being thrown out again. My new mom and dad carried me around in a bag so I wouldn't be alone and cry. I can cry very loudly. I learnt to do that early on through necessity. Anyway because I became a bag dog my name became Joey. I lived in a pouch like a Kangaroo!

The same week I arrived so did five more pups I was very lucky because I got to stay. The others all got adopted and I am still here and sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed. I am special like Emmy because now I am a blogger. She just told me to clam down and not get too conceited. She knows I don't know what that means but I don't care.  Anyway as soon as I arrived I started destroying their home.

I am great at destruction. Emmy said I was a total idiot. She doesn't see any fun in it, Obviously she is or was an idiot because it's great. Emmy and I shared the sofa but she said it's mine now. I got some practice in early on.

Emmy laughed at me when I looked like ET.

 Hey! I know she was real cute and I can't compete and maybe I did look like ET but I'm a blogger now so who cares?

I love Emmy I always did. I am so glad she can talk to me. She chose me. Mom wishes she could see and talk to Emmy again but that's the way it is. Emmy says she is here for a reason and that is to teach me to blog to help other animals, so I am giving it a go. 

I am special I was chosen and arrived to carry on Emmy's work. We shared everything including her sofa. Anyway back to me this is my first bath so you all know I'm clean and don't smell!

I didn't mind my first bath. It was okay. Could of been worse,  hey take a look at my mug shot is that not handsome?

Mom and Dad took me shopping and they had trolleys for dogs!

Here is me and Emmy we were quite a pair. Wish she could be here now.

Here I am helping Dad. I do have some skills! Emmy was proud of me this day cos I told Dad where to cut the wood. 

Here I am sitting on Guga It was great fun.

Isn't my nose just the best. Emmy just told me that isn't blogging it just stupid.

Here is me with Pebbles she isn't as much fun as she is old too. I like her though.

This is Emmy's grave and everyone thinks she is here. She isn't she is everwhere. She is following Mom teaching me to blog and she is in Heaven.

Well that's it. That is my polite educated introduction. I followed Emmy's advice. It was the first time so I had to. I am Joey puppy blogger and voice of Dogs in Brazil now. I will be me in future. I love Emmy and I love my mom I am learning about the world. I hope you can come with me on my journey.   


Katrin said...

This post really touched my heart! Hi Joey!

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Joey, You did a wonderful job on your first blog!!! We know Emmy is helping you, but thats because she knows YOU are the DOG with the talent for this! You'll be a great blogger! And the photos are adorable..... even the cats think so! (and thats really saying something.) Take care and say hello to everyone for us. Hugs and wags, Blossom, Rory and Ahulee

2langkahdibelakang said...

Hi Joey.. Welcome :-)

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Great jon Joey! You dog bloggers perform a valuable service--I hope you keep it up!