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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Update Here

I have been able to blog because Mom is always busy and I have a lot of work here too. I have been helping Dad to make pink dog houses. Pebbles has been very ill and has liver failure. She is at the vet clinic now on a drip and we are all waiting and praying she gets better. She will never be cured we are hoping she can live a few more months with special food and care. If she doesn't respond to treatment then she will only live less than ten days. Emmy is also trying to help from where she is up in Heaven. Here are some pictures of my friend Pebbles.

Here is me and Pebbles waiting at the vet's clinic. She is really ill and can't even eat anymore.

Here she is being fitted up with her drip. She has to stay at the vet's clinic all day taking one litre of liquid drip in a bag that is supposed to help her. It took five and a half hours for the first half litre bag to go in. I began to cry because although I am a very macho dog I love Pebbles and felt a bit guilty for irritating her so much. I used to sleep on top of her like a pillow. I didn't know she was ill. I won't be doing this anymore i am going to do everything to make her happy if she survives.

I have been very selfish. Emmy told me so and explained how I took up all the space on the sofa and didn't share. Then I slept using her as a pillow as well.

I am going to be sooo nice to her in future.

She is coming home on Friday and I am arranging a welcome home party for her. She will have more blood tests on Friday after more treatment to see if she is responding. I don't want to lose another friend. It seems like I just got here and they are all leaving to go where Emmy is. Misty and Freddy both probably need to go to the vet as well. Mom says if she can sort out the competition money, which is still well tied up in The Banco Brasil Central bank because of stupid Brazilian banking regulations, then we can get on with sorting everything out. Brazil is a stupid country where everything is made difficult. They have just been told on the telephone that they will have to travel three and a half hours to a place to sort this out and have the Sun Super documentation translated by an authenticated person and then authenticate the already authenticated document. This is how Brazil works, or doesn't work as Mom says. Mom won the money to spend on us and it will now be a miracle and a lot of work and expenses to get it. Not to mention just how long the entire silly procedure will take. You actally have to authorize money to enter your own account here first. Anyway Emmy told me to stop moaning and count my blessings. So, I am starting only I don't know how to count. Here I am at the vet clinic waiting for Pebbles.

Mom put this picture of me on FaceBook and everyone said how handsome I have become. I do know this but it's always good to hear. Someone even suggested I go and model professionally.  After my selfish behaviour with Pebbles I decided to be a better dog and I let Gemma try out the sofa. She liked it. Hope she isn't going to get to used to it because the sofa is always overcrowded.

I have been decorating the sofa with mud. I love to smear mud all over it. Mom doesn't think it's very artistic at all. I use my paws as a paint brush and smear abstract patterns. Here you can see me in action. My paws are usually white. Mom ask me what I was doing? and I just looked around to see who she was talking to.

After I finished my art practice I decided to have a sleep so I accomodated myself on the sofa.

Gemma has been settling in so here are some photos of her.

Here she is and Pluto is behind her.

She loves cuddles.

I am getting to know her too.

I am teaching her about life. Emmy is telling me what to say because actually I know nothing much really except how to play and chew mom's things. Mom is still feeding street dogs and cats.

There are a lot of them out there and they are hungry.


Katrin said...

Thinking of you, Pebbles! And everybody else for sure!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Very sorry Pebbles is so ill. Hope she responds to the treatment!

We thought you'd already received your winnings to help with the dogs. What a pain to have to go through all that for money that's rightfully yours. Hope this is straightened out soon. We know you need the funds.