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Monday, September 24, 2012

I am going to the vet clinic arrrrrgggghhhh

Mom says I am going to stay at the vet's a little while alone and I am very suspicios about this after what I saw with Freddy, Oscar, and Trooper. She says this will either be tomorrow or next Tuesday. I am already having nightmares. If he comes near my privates I will bite. Oscar went back this week and came back with a black eye. Can you believe that? What do these people called vets do? Seems  like they are in business to torture us. Anyway here are some pictures of Oscars day at the vet clinic. I don't even like to look. Mom said it was to make him better. He had an irritation which Mom said was caused by his eyelashes growing inwards. It looks like the vet punched him in the eye to me. Here he is before they attacked his eye.

Here is asleep. I wouldn't turn my back on that vet for an instance. I guess he is more trusting than me. 
Here they are doing something they call surgery!
and here is the end result.
on top of all the tormentation he went through they now put something on his paw so he doesn't scratch his eye.

1 comment:

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Hey Joey! Jacob here. Don't worry about the vet thing. Its kinda hard the first day, but the "medicine" they give you is really strange! And you don't really care about the whole operation thing. And you'll only be a little bit sore for a day or so. Take it from the older guys... they know! I'm sure glad Uncle Ahulee warned me though. So GOOD LUCK!