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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween. I love Halloween and all things spooky. I used to be a ghost when I was younger but I lost my disguise and grew out of it. I am still supernatural in many ways though. I can make my ears disappear, I can talk in several languages, I can make myself irresistible to humans. Do you remember me when I was a ghost? Here are some reminders. I even frightened myself!

Guga fainted when he saw me!

This one really frightened the others.Sams fur stood on end. 

Even her nasal fur.

Here I was ghosting with Pebbles who is now in Heaven. She sends her love to everyone and says she is happy playing with the others.  

Here I am half dog half ghost sort of in transition. 

Here I am a resting ghost. 

Anyway I had to give up haunting and scaring the others because I lost my blanket.  I think someone stole it. Then today I decided to get it back. I also asked Mom where the pumpkins were? I need one because it is Halloween and the humans ate them.  Anyone know where my blanket is?

If no one tells me some then I am going to chuck this toad at them!

Murphy had a blanket last night so I thought I might borrow hers. 

She didn't seem to want to give up the blanket.

I growled at her to scare her and she slapped me. 

She's scary! Some other weird stuff has been happening here. First a very unusual dog arrived. She has been abused by humans that is the scariest thing that can ever happen to a dog. It's better to meet a ghost than a horrible human. Thankfully they aren't all evil. She had her teeth kicked out and probably a fractured bone in her nose after someone kicked her. She has a crushed bone in her front leg too and they tried to starve her to death.. She looks supernatural a bit like a Brazilian wolf. Mom thinks she may have some wolf blood in her. Here she is 

 She makes strange sounds

I wound Charlie up and told him she was a werewolf and to be careful on the next full moon. 
he said "That's okay I am small I can easily hide" He looked worried though!

The same day the strange looking dog now called 'Tessa' arrived so did a tiny puppy. Here she is sat on dad's lap on the way home. 

 When Mom picked her up she noticed immediately that the puppy had lice and told dad. He screamed like he had seen a ghost and ran to the bathroom, ripped his clothes off and jumped in the shower. Now that little pup certainly gave him a scare. We all laughed at that one. This puppy was found all alone in the streets by some young humans who asked Dad to take her. She was so young that he had to take her as she wouldn't make it alone out there without her proper mom. 

 After several baths she was okay. Mom and Dad took her to see Skye and I told Skye she still had lice and the look on Skye's face was priceless. Skye will be going to Germany to be with Linda. Mom is still trying to help Linda raise the travel expenses on IndieGoGo    http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-home-for-skye--2/x/4868167

Then I told Rosie and Oscar that Cookie the puppy still had lice and I was going to bring her over to meet them. They started running in the opposite direction before I finished my sentence. 

I told Henry the same thing but he just said 'Bah! You don't frighten me'. 

I told Murphy and she jumped in the pool just in case. 

I also tried it on Rosie who ran straight to Dad to save her from the lice.

I told Casper and she laughed and said 'Boo'

Trooper told me that fat Freddy swallowed the pumpkin. I think he is winding me up but it could be true.

I also surprised mom in the kitchen this week by appearing with no ears. 

Tessa the strange dog went to the vet clinic to have her blood sucked for testing. Now she looks SCARED.

 We had another frightened dog arrive after the puppy and the strange dog. Here she is 

She was tied in a rubbish skip and people were dumping there rubbish on top of her. Now that is scary. 

She is just a puppy still and very sweet. Mom and Dad named her Alice.

Well Emmy asked me if I learnt anything from my blog and I did. I learnt that it's not lice, or ghosts, or dogs that swallow pumpkins, or even vets that suck your blood that are scary. The scariest thing on this planet are the nasty humans that abuse us and hurt us. So bring on the witches and ghosts for Halloween I am not afraid. Here is me and my girl to say 'Good Bye' We are in the dark and we are not afraid. Happy Halloween. 

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