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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spechen Sie Deutsch?

Hi! I am back blogging. It has been a whole month. As usual a lot has happened. First Murphy got really ill and nearly died. We all got very worried and I cried because I was planning on being her friend. I asked Emmy to speak to whoever is in charge where she lives to help save her and she did. Murphy is much better now. We have a new volunteer here from Germany. I really like her. I am learning German, so that I will be able to bark in three different languages. I have learnt lots of new stuff. I can sitz when I am told in either Portuguese, English or German, I can also platz and I give my pfote. I get treats for doing this, so I don't mind the constant paw lifting although sometimes I think 'Why?' Charlie is sick again as well. Mom and Dad have loads of stuff to do and they are tired. I am thinking about taking German lessons because Skye may be going to Germany to live with Linda and, of course, I will have to learn how to use Skype, so that I can talk with her. It's great being an intellectual dog. I am going to get some glasses so I look the part. Linda is giving lessons to lots of dogs. Skye knows how to give the left or the right paw. I always thought Skye was a bit silly but apparently she is brighter than I thought. Pluto and Gracie  have enrolled for German lessons too. Here they are attending class. Their teacher is Linda.

They were asked a question and Pluto raised his toe to indicate he knew the answer. He couldn't raise his entire paw because he would fall off the window.

Rosie and Oscar also enrolled for lessons. They get their lessons outside because they are both too short to reach the window.  

Linda asked Oscar what color his tongue was hoping he would reply in German with the word 'Schwarz' he just laughed hysterically and said he didn't know because he has never seen his own tongue.

They aren't the brightest of students. They should eat more bananas as Linda told me they are good for the brain. Monkeys are very clever and they eat a lot of them. I went down to the tree, but I will need to learn to climb a ladder to get them.

Trooper has enrolled. I doubt if he has an intellectual skills! Emmy told me not to say that but I did anyway. She said it was mean. 

He noticed the nail clippers Mom left on the table in the middle of his lesson and ran off in a hurry.

Faith said that she is too short for lessons and too old. Maybe sometime in the future. She is still recovering from her time on the streets and being left to die of starvation. She wants to concentrate on getting better. 
She looked quite worried about it all. So we didn't put any pressure on her. 

Cassie is doing well with her lessons and impressed everyone when Linda asked her to give her paw in German. 

Charlie decided to give the lessons a miss. He is too busy barking in his own language to learn another one. 

Guga said that he would give the lessons a go but he wasn't sure that he could retain the information at his age. He is fifteen now we all understood and didn't bother him anymore. 

He says he is tired now.

Henry enrolled for the classes and is doing moderately well. Here he is responding to the German word 'Zwei' which means two. So to signal he understood he raised two paws. 

Topi has neurological problems but wanted to join in. We all agreed that it would be good for him. So he is taking the lessons. 

I am also taking some extra classes in music. Here I am studying a CD. It's just in front of my nose on the table.

Linda has fallen in love with Skye. It was probably those blue eyes. She has spoken to her human family and they all agreed to try and get Skye to Germany. Her Mom gave some money and her Grandpa too and Linda has a little as well. Mom and Linda will try to raise the rest on IndyGogo. It is expensive to get a dog into Europe and quite complicated, so Mom says. They are going to try. Linda is aware of all of Skye's problems and is training her and walking her daily to prepare her for a new life. We all wish Skye well because we know that Linda and her family will love her. They have a huge garden for her and it's all fenced and four people to help with her care.  Skye loves her and Linda loves Skye. 

Val was so excited when she heard the news that she jumped for joy.

Murphy nearly died and needed a blood transfusion. It was a very tense time here, Everybody was very worried. I asked Emmy to help.

Murphy is a fighter and although someone try to kill her with a machete she has fought very hard to survive and says she won't give up just like that. She wants to get better, so that if she ever meets the horrid human that attacked her she can bite them. We all offered to help. We hate humans like that. 

Anyway after she got the new blood from a German Shepherd dog she was a new dog. It worked. It was a glorious moment when she finally got on her paws again. She couldn't even stand on her own before the transfusion. She is still taking pills for her tick disease, but she was well enough to attend the party we threw for her. We had a ball.

She finally got to meet everybody in the house and began to wiggle her butt in a very provocative way. I think I am going to like her. 

I made a new kennel this week. It isn't finished yet. I did it all by myself.

and finally me and my girl Gemma

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2langkahdibelakang said...

I love your story telling Joey..i always do