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Monday, July 14, 2014

Funny Faces

I was sat by the bookshelf deciding which book I would read next when I had an idea. I get ideas because I am an intelligent dog. I may be good looking and blonde but I am also brainy.

Some dogs have it all. Take George for example. He is not as intelligent or as handsome as I am and is mainly muscle. I tried my idea out on him. It didn't work too well. I said "George would you mind making a funny face for the camera?" I didn't dare tell him he always has a funny face. I thought he would enter into the spirit of the game and make some ghastly face. He ran passed me wearing this scowl. I said "Thank you George". He is new here and much bigger than me so I didn't want to push my luck.

I left George to it and moved onto another new dog here. Her name is Ruby and she was found dying of tick disease. She is very thin but very elegant. She reminds me of Emmy.

Ruby was found the same day as the Australian football fans came to visit us all. They went with Dad to the cemetery where she was found. 

Anyway I asked her to make a funny face and she got right into the game. It was an excellent expression. I couldn't have done better myself.

Ruby has a great sense of humor and loves my games.  

I did do a selfie I managed to make both my ears disappear.

 Even with out ears I am still handsome.

Next I asked Henry to do a funny face. it was quite impressive too.

He has a talent for rolling his tongue. We all tried it and can't do it. He must have some special power! here is Rosie she made one ear disappear.A valiant effort for my competition.

Oscar well he always has a silly face with all those wrinkles. 

Sam buried her head in the sand

Then she came up with a funny sand covered face.  Val offered this!

Sol and I had a good laugh and abandoned the game. Henry won with his tongue. Ruby was a close second. Hannah gave a huge cheer.

Some other stuff happened here recently too. Vincent arrived in a terrible state. He had a very bad ear, two toes missing, and part of his nose missing. 

He was eaten by maggots. This really upset me. Dr Andre said his toes just dropped off.  I have nightmares about these maggots. They are evil they eat bits of our bodies.

He is comfortable and our volunteer Ali bought him a great bed.

I started this blog two days ago but Mom told me some bad news and I was so upset I stopped blogging. Tessa a dog that had been badly abused by the humans died. She was at the vet clinic and not very well. She had kidney failure. We all cried as she was such a nice old girl. She had many injuries from her abuse and was just settling in. Emmy told me she will be okay now and healed. She isn't afraid anymore and she sent us all a tailwag. 

She had what appeared to be a winged creature like an Angel in white on her chest. R.I.P Tessa everyone here loved you very much you are an Angel.

Tessa and Charlie were good friends. He will miss her a lot. They snuggled up together in the same house and played together like young puppies.  

Laura had her first trip out of the kennel and so did the twp pups Harley and Bogart. They sniffed everything and wagged their tails.

 First she helped with some work then she went and made friends with Bill.

Laura has grown a lot and is now sharing a kennel with Luiza. 

Cookie and the other pups are still playing all day. I sometimes get tired of this and slope off for a nap.

Here they decided to bury Cookie.

Then they all got tired. I just watched with my mate Val.

Mom and Dad had a visitor from England. I am always a bit shy at first and then I make my move to sit on their lap. First we had a quiet cup of tea together.

Then I took my opportunity and sat on her lap. She didn't mind even though I am a large lap dog.

Cookie grew two heads one of which looks just like Rusty.

Me and My Girl

Now it's time for dinner and I have to get in the front of the queue. 

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