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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello, I am Harry. I was abandoned in Copacabana Rio de janeiro and brought here to stay five years ago. I was the first dog to arrive. I was so thin I couldn't lift my leg to pee and I was nearly bald with mange. My mom and dad treated me and I soon became the spectacular specimen you can see above. I love Misty she is my sweetheart even though she is totally mad.I love to play with her and am never far from her side. I don't socialise with Emmy much and once bit her on the ear for taking liberties with me.

I am well trained and can do all sorts of tricks. I guard the property in a very professional and orderly manner. I love my mom and dad a lot and my life here. I have a lot of allergies which is why my previous owners dumped me in the streets. I had a lesion on my liver and could only eat chicken and rice for the first six months. Now I am nearly better, but still suffer bouts of allergic reactions at times.

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