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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hi, I am Tasha,
I have been here four years and now weigh in excess of fifty kilos, of course, I was much lighter when I first arrived in fact I was only 21 kilos. I came here with another male dog who was found along with me. The same breed, but slightly different colouring. Nobody knows if he was my brother or my mate. Sadly he died during the first week from a tick related disease. He was just too thin and weak to survive. I was the lucky one and you can see how magnificent I am today. I love my large kennel and adore hunting all the small animals that pass through my territory. You can see what happened to me when I attacked a porcupine. I have done this three times and will continue until I finally get the better of one of them. I don't like other dogs too much, but I adore my human family. I love to sit on the sofa with them and kiss them with my huge wet sloppy tongue. I also love to howl and I am the lead vocalist here!
News Bonnie.
The methyl Cobalamin is in the post it should be here any day now. We are all praying to the big doggy in the sky to help her walk again.

News Harry.
Harry suffered an ear infection and also had his teeth cleaned this week.

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