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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Sad Epoch

Last month Lion, the dog with cancer died and now Tequila has chronic kidney failure. The only solution is dialysis which only exists 70 kilometres away and is too expensive for Mom and Dad. Mom says if she had the money she would make the trip once a week just to keep her for a while longer. Tequila always made us all laugh with her antics: opening the fridge to rob all of the food and turning the rubbish bin over to eat scraps. The irony of it is now she can't eat anything and if forced to eat she quickly vomits, so her days are very numbered. We are all very sad and Mom has been crying. She is around ten years old now but the ultra sound showed that all of her other organs were in good shape still. It is just not fair we are all very sad even Pluto who is now beginning to understand a bit more about life. We are all waiting for a comment to appear just to know if anybody actually reads Emmy's blog, but nothing yet.

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