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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tequila Passed Away

Very sad news from here! tequila died 10.30am June 24th. This was Saint John's Day here in Brazil--we will never forget her. Mom found out that the cause of her kidney failure was probably due to the snake bite back in March. It was very unfortunate that she got bitten on a Sunday and mom's car was off the road broken. She called a friend to take her to the nearest vet open on a Sunday and it took nearly two hours for her to get treatment. She went into what they call 'shock' and it is common after this for kidney failure to follow. Mom says that if she ever wins the Megasena, which is the lottery here in Brazil, then she will open a 24 hour vet hospital because within a 100 kilometres there is only one in the area and she knows of other tragedies due to lack of services. Mom was devastated. Tequila was buried near her old kennel and roses were put on her grave. Life won't be same without her because she was always clowning around and making us laugh.
Meanwhile Gracie is growing a lot and sharing Tequila's old kennel with Pluto. There is now one empty kennel here, but no plans to take any more dogs due to the vast expenses when they get ill. There are still many dogs in the street all in need of help, but nobody to give it.

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