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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well today some one is coming to see the house to buy it, which is better than the bank taking it, but still mum is very sad because she does not know where we will all go. We will be at the mercy of landlords who may complain about the noise we make. We can't help barking and howling sometimes. We may not even find a landlord to accept all of us. Riquinho is ill at the moment and it does not look good for him. He is around 15 and has a lesion on his kidney and a bladder full of stones, with an infection too. He is taking medication all day long. Little Sam (the pretty one)who looks like a Cairn terrier, only she isn't because of her floppy ears, is doing okay. The tumor hasn't reappeared and we all wish her well. She is too young to die. Mom is still wishing for her miracle, but the chip in gadget just chipped out. None of us understood the notion of 'chip in' because to us chips are fried potatoes. Mom says they are the great British invention although the French would dispute that. Still apparently no body sent a single chip! Well if the guy offers to buy the house then the great roller coaster of worry will be put into motion. Where will we go, how will mom move us and build new kennels for us in a week? we just don't know. She looks very worried now! She doen't want to leave Harry here. He is buried near to the house because he was so dependent. Then there is our special pathway with our stones each one has our name paw print and a mosaic sun that mom made especially. So many memories--Tequila, Bonnie, the others that died in the first days too weak and ill to make it. They are all here resting peacefully. All the plants and flowers that mom planted. We thought this was our home and now we will all have to go.

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