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Saturday, November 20, 2010

prospective buyer

Well it looks like the man wants our home. Mom says she hates him because he is buying our stability and all our memories although she knows it is not his fault. She said once he gives a deposit on Monday then thats that. We are out! not that anyone cares anyway. lets hope we can all stay together and some one accepts letting 14 dogs into a rental home. The save the 14 campaign was a dismal disaster without a single contribution--it is hard to beleive. Mom and dad give to charity and the have next to nothing. They supported an old woman in the himalayas for years. The always give a little to the homeless here in Brazil and all of us. They have helped a lot of people and now no one wants to know. As Bobby Womack said, 'Nobody wants to know you when your down and out'.

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