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Thursday, December 23, 2010

dogs eating from the bakery

Here is the old tiger striped female dad gave her ration and now she is eating bread for dessert. She is also too old to be out there alone

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npauthor said...

I was premature in writing that the email response from Paws N Pilots had been deleted. Here is their reply. Let me know if this was helpful. Please keep in touch. You and your family are doing a wonderful thing.

Ron Landskroner
Oakland, California

Hi Jan,

The distance is too far for our small plane pilot volunteers to assist
you. Most of our pilots have single-engine planes and are limited to
transports under 300 nautical miles. Your best options are likely
going to be commercial airlines. If funds are needed, many people
create a chipin.com site, asking for donations for a particular need.

I do hope you can find a way and sorry our pilots can't transport that
far. We would help if we could.