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Friday, December 24, 2010

A teribble sight

This poor, poor dog visited dads bakery today. He cried and then mom cried when she saw the photos. He has eyes full of pus, large lumps on his joints which could be cancer,or maybe magotts. He has mange  and mal nutrition. Oh why did we have to see this on Christmas eve with all our problems. This is a massive vet bill, if he can be saved. He should be PTS if not because he is in a terrible state. We are all crying. It's not fair. Please go the extra length. if we can raise 1000 dollars tonight then we would go and get him tomorrow and take him to the 24 hour vets to see if there is any chance for him. It looks pretty hopeless but I am not a vet.  i love Brazil but this is too much


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, the poor dog! Our hearts break for them and for you.

npauthor said...

Dear Jan,

After reading your plea for help to Pilots N Paws on the Best Friends website I contacted them on your behalf. However, they wrote back and indicated that infortunately the distance was too far. They offered a suggestion but I inadvertently deleted their email. You might try writing directly to them. Just Google them and their URL will pop right up.

May I express my admiration for your efforts, against such steep odds, in helping these poor, helpless, innocent animals. My heart goes out to them and you. There are so many more like them in need all over the world. Such unnecessary suffering.

Please feel free to contact me.

Ron Landskroner
Oakland California

npauthor said...

Deborah Boies is the woman who replied to my message on your behalf. Her email address is pilotsnpaws@gmail.com.