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Saturday, December 25, 2010



Anonymous said...

the sight of this poor dog just breaks my heart :( I donated $25.00to ChipIn. I hope that was the right place to donate so you can get this dog some help. Please give an update on this dog when you can.

janeiro said...

Hi, Thank you so much for the donation and for caring about dogs. We will let everybody know if there is any news. This dog may stick around , die, or move on. Dad will check him out today. If mom and dad find him then they will incur a big vet bill if he is curable. Mom will post tonight on him and the others at the bakery.

Anonymous said...

Janeiro, Thank you for your kind comment regarding the donation I sent. I wish I could do more. I posted your website on my facebook page asking people to donate to these poor street dogs. Hopefully some people will respond with donations. This is just heartbreaking. I live in the USA (Massachusetts) & we dont have stray dogs. If a dog is homeless they go to the shelter to receive food, water & vet care until he/she is adopted. It is hard to see that other locations dont have these options for the stray dogs. I will pray for you & these dogs that your "situations" get better.

-Corinne Cooper