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Friday, December 10, 2010

New Dog Freddy

So as you can see Freddy looks very pretty from a distance but the real story is quite different, apart from hunger and no road sense whatsoever, he has a bad case of mange over his whole body. He is greatly irritated and biting until he bleeds with the itchiness. This is a pedigree dog probably bought by the rich to appease one of their kids whims. When the novelty wears off they give the dog to their maids, who of course cannot afford to treat a dog because of the very low wages here. They may love the dog, but won't take it to the vet, or by any products to cure it. So now Mom has to pay 800reais for Riquinho's bill. Blood and faeces tests for Sam and medication to treat Freddy and this is just one week and and lets not forget she still has not paid the outstanding vet bill at the local vet clinic. Freddy seems a nice Guy. Mom says he will have to be castrated because he is in love with Cassie and she had to have both the heads of her femur bones removed due to the incurable displasia that she had when Mom found her crawling in a rubbish dump. Cassie has a very weak back and and cannot be mounted by this handsome huge labrador.

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