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Thursday, December 9, 2010

there are other Angels too

Well it looks like we may get a second donation. That gives us all a little optimism that things may get better! We are still in the same shaky situation and we have all had our meat quota cut. After Riquinho died another very needy dog turned up at Dad's bakery full of mange. He was bleeding and severely irritated. Dad called Mom about ten times saying what should I do as he has mange and absolutely no road sense at all. He was running all over the road and in serious danger. He was obviously freshly abandoned. Mom said well bring him home then. They could not stand by and watch a young dog (nearly 35 kilos) get run over. Here everybody worries about mange being contagious and immediately throw their dog out onto the streets. Mom will post a picture of him soon. He has been injected with ivemec and will have to have treatment for some time to see if his fur grows back. Dad also rescued a dog from the river today. What a hero! Please help us so we can stay here all together with Mom and Dad.  The new dog is with Cassie and Little One and seems very pleased with his new surroundings.

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