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Saturday, December 4, 2010

not a drop of happiness anymore

Riquinho died today at around midday. He died alone in the vets clinic. Mom could not be with him because their is too much work here. He was a nice old chap and Panda will miss him a lot because they shared a kennel and slept together even though they did not have to. He had a tick disease and was around 15 years old. he just could not stand anymore 14 days in the vets clinic and no improvement. We are all very sad and Mom is crying again. Mom cries every day. She said at least he does not have to go through the trauma of being given to some uncaring Brazilian, or euthanized because we are about to lose it all. Mom and dad don't even have money for our food anymore and bread is becoming top of the menu. Nothing goes right she says, nobody gives a damn, only their own little microcosms matter their kids and their pets. Dad is bringing home his body at eight o clock tonight after he finishes his 17 hour day. Mom has been on her feet since 5'o clock this morning only a very few special people appreciate their efforts. Riquinho at least had a long and full life, which is more than can be said for many of the dogs that have ended up here because they were ill in the streets. I remember the little four week old german shepherd that mom tried to save. The mother was poisoned and mom and two friends divided the puppies. We all stayed up at night watching her try to save him--he died anyway. As did tall he other puppies. Another one was little panda 2 ,another puppy whose pancreas did not work she died too, there have been quite a few. Nobody appreciates Mom's efforts really. Worst still Mom thinks Sam and Gracie may have the same illness, but has no money to check this out before they get really bad. She owes the vet here money and had to take Riquinho forty kilometres away because the local vet won't treat us anymore even though Mom has paid him a fortune during the last eight years. well soon we will all be gone from the blog site as  time is nearly up for the telephone line to be cut. I expect many of you will be wondering what happened to us all, however wondering is not enough!

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