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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dogs Suffering alongside humans

This is a dog that appeared on the MSN news.She, or he, is sitting amidst the debris of a ruined house. The article doesn't state whether or not the owners will return for him. We don't know how many animals survived.We watched a video on BBC world news that took place 15 miles from here. A lady on her roof with a little dog in her arms being rescued. She could not hold onto the rope with one hand and the little dog vanished into swirling muddy waters to a terrible death. The destruction here is beyond imagination, unless of course, you are here to see it. It evokes a terrible sadness, for humans and animals. We don't know at the end, if there will be more street dogs because of all the dead people and abandoned homes, or if there won't be any because most were washed away and drowned. Nothing could survive in those waters. We need an international appeal here now. Where is the help?. A helicopter flew over earlier, but the local morgue is filling up quickly. This has turned into an international disaster we need help. Let's hope the international community helps the animals just like Louisiana.  We are however, a forgotten corner of the world. So we won't hold our breath.  Just our tiny little village has witnessed many deaths. If anyone wants to donate we will do our best to alleviate animal suffering here. The authorities are rescuing people, but who will rescue the animals? The death toll here in way in advance of Australia (animals and humans). It seems like the end of the world. Thank God we are all still safe here with mom and dad. We are praying for those in the streets and hope they got to higher ground before the deluge.   Mom could not go out today because it is way too dangerous and we are also completely cut off.  14 people died so far in Australia and they are getting help for god's sake more than 420 and hundreds of people still dead buried in mud. What will happen to all of their pets?

1 comment:

Chandra said...

Oh, Emmy, I'm so sorry there is so much suffering all around you. We're finally starting to see more and more news coverage of the slides and floods here in the U.S. and I hope that aids begins quickly. It can never be soon enough, though. You all are in our thoughts. Stay safe.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years